From Nobel Prize winning author Jose Saramago and acclaimed director Fernando Meirelles (“The Constant Gardener,” “City of God”) comes the compelling story of humanity in the grip of an epidemic of mysterious blindness. It is an unflinching exploration of human nature, both bad and good–people’s selfishness, opportunism, and indifference, but also their capacity for empathy, love and sheer perseverance.

It begins in a flash, as one man is instantaneously struck blind while driving home from work, his whole world suddenly turned to an eerie, milky haze.  One by one, each person he encounters – his wife, his doctor, even the seemingly good samaritan who gives him a lift home – will in due course suffer the same unsettling fate.  As the contagion spreads, and panic and paranoia set in across the city, the newly blind victims of the “White Sickness” are rounded up and quarantined within a crumbling, abandoned mental […]