Slings & Arrows

In the folklore of the New Burbage Theatre Festival, Geoffrey Tennant, Ellen Fanshaw and Oliver Wells were a force to be reckoned with: Geoffrey and Ellen were the darlings of the stage and Oliver was the director who knew how to orchestrate their talents. But just as the treachery in Hamlet’s court drove him to madness, so, too, did the uncertainty of love and loyalty at the New Burbage Theatre Festival cause Geoffrey Tennant to become unhinged. An artist to the last, Geoffrey departed from sanity in the middle of a performance of Hamlet. Not only was it his best performance, it was also his last.

Fast forward to the Theatre Sans Argent where Geoffrey has resurfaced as Artistic Director. Down on its Shakespearean heels, under-financed, under-attended and under the gun, he is failing in his struggles to make ends meet. At the New Burbage Festival, Oliver Welles is faring […]