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The Firebird

The Firebird is an exciting one-hour dance special based on the mystical Russian folk tale of enchantment and love, and set to Stravinsky’s fantastical ballet score.

An adaptation of James Kudelka’s masterpiece for the stage, The Firebird combines classical ballet with magical visual effects wherein the Firebird actually flies and magic apples hover in the air while emitting light. Kudelka’s choreography is by turns violent, elegant, virtuosic but always passionate and musically evocative.

The Firebird features the top dancers from the internationally renowned National Ballet of Canada and the soloists include the great Greta Hodgkinson in the title role, Aleksandar Antonijevic as Prince Ivan, Rebekah Rimsay as Princess Vasilisa, and the unforgettable Rex Harrington as Kastchei the Demon.