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The Young Romantic

The Young Romantic is an exciting new feature-length documentary film that reveals to the world the remarkable story of Yundi Li, the sensational young classical pianist from China.

Yundi Li became famous all over the world when, at age 18 he won first prize at the Chopin International Piano Competition in Poland. He was the first person in 15 years – and the youngest person ever – to win first prize, and he was also the first ever winner from China.

THE YOUNG ROMANTIC is a documentary portrait of Yundi Li, who at age 25, is already a great cultural ambassador for the new China, a country that recently became a significant force in the classical music world. At such a young age Yundi already reigns (along with Lang Lang) over a multitude of more than 20 million young concert pianists currently on the ascent in China.

Although much of the film […]